Version 1.2.2


  • Added help to a lot of stats and configuration value
  • Resized server list
  • Improved performances
  • New Version check system
  • Fixing an issue on Mac OS (About fonts and CSS)
  • Fixing issue #11 : invalid stats and graphics
  • Added Memcached 1.4.8 Hash Table stats
  • Added touch stats
  • Added expired_unfetched & evicted_unfetched stats


  • Added incr and decr commands
  • Added case insensitive search

Download from Google Code

If your are upgrading from version 1.2.X, copy your configuration file from Config/Memcache.php to the new version configuration folder

phpMemcachedAdmin .tar.gz Version

phpMemcachedAdmin-1.2.2-r262.tar.gz : 32.1 KB, Download count > 9.1K
SHA1 Checksum: 616d33deeb54c7bb0b894b23589afc81aa3f67f5

phpMemcachedAdmin .zip Version : 49.0 KB, Download count > 60.6K
SHA1 Checksum: 79ffcd8decfe1f5a41c8fba9aefbc4bd3af06e19