phpMemcachedAdmin does not provide any security system, you need to add this feature by yourself.

Installation Guide


Download latest release from this page

Unzip/Untar & Give files permissions

You have to give Read & Execute right to all files, and Read, Write & Execute to configuration files and temporary directory.
It depend on your system, user and group but here is an exemple


Apache with vhost or Nginx with secure access

Check this guide from Leenoux of

Unix Socket

To connect via Unix Socket, type unix:///tmp/memcached.socket in IP/Hostname, and 0 in Port in configuration.
Thanks to bondarets.

SELinux & Permission Denied error

For those having an issue with Permission Denied error it could be related to SELINUX.
Run the following on the cl of the server hosting phpmemcacheadmin :

If you can now gather stats from servers you are attempting to monitor, you may have to allow httpd by running the following :

Once this command is run, you will be asked to run the following :

Now, you will need to run :

Test to make sure you are still able to poll stats.

“Permission Denied” issue also can be fixex by :

Thanks to ryan.taylor0 & jamesliu78

ModSecurity and Permission Denied Error

If you are getting permission errors when saving the server configuration and you are using Apache Mod_Security, it appears that a rule can block the following POST parameters send in saving configuration

Disabling the Mod_Security rule or Mod_Security itself resolved the issue.
Thanks to darre…


Many thanks to people you contributed to this guide.