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Summary of Memcached commands usable in telnet with parameters explanation and examples.

Contains various binaries versions of Memcached for Windows.

Install Memcached on Windows, set it as a service and start using telnet with it.

Understand Memcached stats cachedump command to see all your cache keys and expiration timestamps, undocumented feature

See how you can reset some of Memcached stats with this undocumented feature.

Profile key usage, size and hit rate with this Memcached tool and tcpdump. See also mctop, a tool for analyzing memcached get traffic from Etsy's team.

Understand what is and how to use Memcached cas() command.

On other websites

  • phpMemcachedAdmin

Graphic stand-alone administration for Memcached to monitor and debug purpose.

  • mctop

A tool for analyzing Memcached get traffic from Etsy's team.