Version 1.2.0


  • Improved code, improved error handling
  • Improved look & feel
  • Added cluster support
  • Removed the 'All Servers' options

Live Stats

  • Added cache size, ping
  • Corrected hit ratio
  • Added a legend for every value
  • Better handling of connection errors when doing request to server

Servers Stats

  • Correcting uptime and version when viewing multiples servers (see
  • Added flush_all stats
  • Better Cache Size graphic (with used, wasted and free) (see
  • Added max connection error
  • Added list of a cluster servers with version and uptime
  • Added configuration values with some help when viewing a single server
  • Compatibility with Memcached < 1.4.0

Slabs Stats

  • Now in four columns (up from three)
  • Added a "Slab allocated but not used" message

Items List

  • Added the infinite lifetime


  • Added a Console to show results (Loading, clear console, ...)
  • Added a "Execute a telnet command" part
  • Added an experimental "Search a key" part

Download from Google Code

phpMemcachedAdmin .tar.gz Version

phpMemcachedAdmin-1.2.0-r230.tar.gz : 28.3 KB, Download count > 30
SHA1 Checksum: a0a7676dc6b21c850a98437a923ea6ca1002c200

phpMemcachedAdmin .zip Version : 44.5 KB, Download count > 15
SHA1 Checksum: 65d28615f0681b05ab13b499dc9484ba0edef794