Memcached 1.4.7 Released

Release notes from official site :


This is a maintenance release with many small bugfixes. Now (mostly) immune from time travelers.


  • Use a monotonically increasing timer
  • Immediately expire items when given a negative expiration time
  • Fix memcached-tool to print about all slabs
  • Properly daemonize memcached for debian
  • Don’t permanently close UDP listeners on error
  • Allow memcached-init to start multiple instances (not recommended)
  • Issue 214 : Search for network libraries before searching for libevent
  • Issue 213 : Search for clock_gettime in librt
  • Issue 115 : accont for CAS in item_size_ok
  • Fix incredibly slim race for maxconns handler. Should no longer hang ever
  • Issue 183 - Reclaim items dead by flush_all
  • Issue 200 : Don’t fire dtrace probe as the last thing in a function

New Features

Montonic Clock This isn’t really a feature, but is the main change. If your system has clock_gettime with CLOCK_MONOTONIC support, memcached will attempt to use it. If your clock does wild adjustments, memcached will do its best to continue to count forward and not backward.

However, if you use the “expiration is an absolute time” feature, where specifying an value expiration time as a specific date, it can still break. You must ensure that memcached is started after your clocks have been synchronized. This has always been the case, though.

You can download it from :

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