Memcached 1.4.15 Released


This is a somewhat experimental release which pushes thread performance even more than before. Since this is a more experimental release than usual, and contains no other major fixes or features, we urge some caution for important deployments. We feel as though it is high quality software, but please take caution and do slow rollouts or testing. Thanks !


  • Add some mild thread documentation
  • was missing from dist tarball
  • Issue 286 : -disable-coverage drops “-pthread” option
  • Reduce odds of getting OOM errors in some odd cases

New Features

Thread scalability is much improved for reads, and somewhat improved for writes. In a pure read-only situation on a dual socket six core NUMA machine I’ve tested key fetch rates around 13.6 million keys per second.
More tuning is necessary and you’d get significant lag at that rate, but that shows the theoretical limit of the locks.


You can download it from :

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