WildStar Drop #5 : INVASION Nexus

WildStar Drop5 Contracts

WildStar Drop #5 : Contracts

Hi everyone! Joe Piepora from Carbine Studios here to talk to you about contracts - an exciting new WildStar feature coming up in the INVASION: Nexus update. The contracts system is just one of the many additions designed to deliver...

WildStar World Boss Hellrose Bowl Malgrave

WildStar Drop #5 : Classes Changes

Drop #5 Classes Changes Summary As a disclaimer, individual abilities and AMPs may be altered before going Live, since they will continue to balance and iterate based on your feedback. Esper Stalker Medic Spellslinger Warrior Engineer Esper Changes The major...

WildStar Halon Ring Zone Drop #5

WildStar Drop #5 : Content

Summary New Challenge UI Vanity Pets and Toys Contracts Initialization Core Y-83 Raid Levian Bay PCP Levian Bay Adventure New Quest Tracker Red vs. Blue Battlegrounds Early Level (Arkship, 3-6 Zones) Improvements Drop #5 Features Summary Quest Sharing Fixes, Levels...