Crowfall’s economic model revealed

Buy Once, Play Forever

You will only have to buy the game to play it (Estimated price $50).
You can however buy cosmetic items that will not affect gameplay, VIP membership ticket or account level service (Additional character slots for example) from the editor’s shop.

VIP Membership

VIP membership is entirely optional, and will cost approximately $15 a month.
VIP members will get some additional benefits and will be able to trade their VIP membership ticket with other players.

VIP Benefits

  • “Behind the scenes” access to the development of the game
  • Members will be able to use passive training for all 3 character slots
  • Priority access to all game servers
  • VIP badge on the official forums
  • Discount pricing on additional purchases
  • Other cool (non-balance affecting) benefits


Everyone will be able to create up to three characters and will be granted a passive training slot (XP even offline).
Everyone will get access to all the archetypes, the same number of character creation points, advantages, disadvantages, skills, promotion classes and disciplines to advance their characters, VIP or not.

ArtCraft clearly state that buying additional services will only affect cosmetics, not gameplay.

Source : Crowfall FAQ